Sexual Exploitation Outreach With Text Messaging: Introducing Project Backpage

Laura Walker Hudson | FrontlineCloud | January 29, 2014

The University of Alberta, MARS lab and the Centre to End All Sexual Exploitation (CEASE) have been using FrontlineSMS in a ground-breaking pilot to assess the impact of using SMS to engage women who are trafficked and exploited in Edmonton, Canada. They have very kindly collaborated with us on an in-depth case study, looking at how the system was designed and set up, its impact, and what’s happening next.

This is the first of our case study series to look at a developed-world use of FrontlineSMS. Our case studies are a rare opportunity to hear in more depth about how the systems were developed and how users overcame their methodological or logistical challenges. The group are continuing with another phase of the prohject, this time using FrontlineCloud, so we look forward to further learning from them in the future!