Windows XP - 96 Days Left And Counting - Time to switch to Linux

Mike James | iProgrammer | January 1, 2014

At the turn of the year the countdown to the end of XP support is particularly relevant. 2014 is the year that Windows XP dies. And on January 1st it has 96 days left...

...Microsoft's attitude seems to be that after 8th April you are on your own and given that it will be possible to reverse engineer security patches for Windows 7 and Windows 8 as they are issued there will be a steady stream of zero day attacks on Windows XP - which of course will not be patched to fix the same flaws...

It is reasonable to speculate that soon after support is withdrawn some malware will make XP an easy back door into the network and facilitate some sort of ransomware that will make the removal of XP essential.

As users I guess the only option is to take XP machines off the public internet and use them only on local networks for jobs that don't need email, a browser and the like.

...It is also likely that some will finally realize that open source software and Linux in particular is a better choice overall because it doesn't force the obsolescence of systems simply to make a marketing point.