OpenStreetMap’s Redesign Goes Live! More Focused, More Inviting, More Map

John Firebaugh | Mapbox | December 2, 2013

A redesign of has just gone live. Since we kicked off with State of the Map US in San Francisco, we have been working closely with the OpenStreetMap community to implement this new design that is more focused — a better experience for newcomers and creates more space for the map.

We continued to take an incremental approach to implementation, taking on areas where we could have an impact that was actionable, fit within existing constraints, and could be realized in relatively short order. Specifically, we’ve focused on the following areas for this redesign:

  • A better experience for first time visitors. On the main page, new visitors now see an explanation of what OpenStreetMap is and clear actions to learn more or start contributing, rather than a cluttered and narrow sidebar without a clear information hierarchy.
  • [...]