What Activities Need To Come After An EHR Implementation?

Jerrilyn Cowper | EHR Intelligence | November 19, 2013

Do you long for the day when all of your hard work is put into use, the long awaited go-live is over and your workload will finally slow down? If you have never been through the full lifecycle of an implementation, you may not realize that going live is only the beginning. In fact, many times post go-live work is more than the implementation effort.

What lies beyond implementation? This article is not meant to cause you to throw your hands in the air and run screaming. Instead, it takes aim at preparing you for what comes next.

Cleanup: Once the initial implementation is over, there is still a great amount of work to complete, typically beginning with cleanup. Cleanup may consist of finalizing build components that were put on hold because they were not deemed critical for go-live or modifying the initial build as it did not act according to its intended purpose.

Follow-up onsite visits or training: These are important components of ensuring the full EHR utilization and adoption. These visits require not only the training team’s time and efforts but also those of EHR analysts, all of whom should either conducts onsite visits or work hand-in-hand with the trainers during this period.