Human Resources for Health (HRH)

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Health Workforce Productivity Analysis And Improvement Toolkit

Sarah Dwyer | CapacityPlus | October 1, 2013

Over the last two decades, increasing the resources, or inputs, within health systems—including physical, financial, and human resources—has improved access to health care. However, increased investments have not always resulted in better health outcomes. How can we know which resource investments in health systems will yield the greatest return? [...] Read More »

Improving Health Workforce Leadership And Management

Sarah Dwyer | CapacityPlus | October 1, 2013

To improve health services, Uganda is focusing on the people that provide quality care. In our new video, Ugandan health workers, managers, and leaders show how the country’s efforts are paying off—and how service delivery has improved. The following story highlights one aspect of this work. Read More »

New Publication Spotlight: Evidence From A Discrete Choice Experiment In Lao People’s Democratic Republic

David Nelson | CapacityPlus | May 31, 2013

Which incentives would motivate health workers to serve in rural and remote areas of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (PDR), where nurses disproportionately live and work in urban centers? Read More »

New Resource Spotlight: “That’s Improvement!”: Uganda Focuses On Health Workers

Staff Writer | CapacityPlus | September 25, 2013

Meet three Ugandan health workers who love their jobs. Agnes, Habiba, and Alex find joy in serving their clients, but they face many challenges—and there are simply not enough health workers to meet the demand. Read More »

Nigeria Minister Of Health Cites Importance Of Health Workforce Issues

Joseph Eton | CapacityPlus | October 1, 2013

Recently at the 2nd National HRH conference in Nigeria, with the theme “Universal Health Coverage in Nigeria: Role of Human Resources for Health,” the Federal Minister of Health, Professor C.O. Onyebuchi Chukwu, celebrated CapacityPlus for our good works in the area of health systems strengthening. Read More »

No Health Care Without Health Workers

Richard Seifman and Kate Tulenko | CapacityPlus | June 1, 2013

With the post-Millennium Development Goals aim of universal health coverage, major external donors will find themselves increasingly constrained in meeting the needs of developing countries. They are seeking ways to generate greater health value from [limited funds]. Read More »

Overcoming Obstacles To Accessing Mental Health Services In Ethiopia

Malik Jaffer | CapacityPlus | June 24, 2013

“What do you see as one major obstacle to people seeking treatment that may be needed, and what advice or suggestion do you have to help overcome that obstacle, whether for the person, family member, or practitioner?” Read More »