Healthcare Cloud Changing 'With A Vengeance'

Tom Sullivan | Government Health IT | September 11, 2013

Even though healthcare is often perceived as being behind other major industries in cloud computing, that is changing and doing so perhaps even faster than previously thought.

“We were really surprised with these research results showing that 60 percent of the C-suite rates the need for cloud computing on a 4 or a 5 of a five-point scale,” said John Haughton, MD, CMIO of Covisint, a vendor that provides what it calls a cloud engagement platform. “It’s no longer, ‘Do I have to go to the cloud?’ Now we’re at a majority saying, ‘I really need to engage.’ And we didn’t expect that to happen so quickly.”

The research Haughton referenced is a study shared exclusively with Government Health IT prior to its publication that Covisint sponsored and Porter Research conducted.