Kicking Conflict Into Touch: How Sport And Technology Unite Community And Conservation In Kenya

Njenga Kahiro | National Geographic | August 15, 2013

Football has long been recognised as a unifying sport, with the ability to bring sides together in some of the most trying of circumstances. In this installment of Digital Diversity, Njenga Kahiro shares his very personal experience of how a combination of football and text messaging have successfully brought together warring communities to promote conservation in Kenya.

Digital Diversity is a series of blog posts from featuring the many ways mobile phones and other appropriate technologies are being used throughout the world to improve, enrich, and empower billions of lives. This article was curated by Gabrielle LePore, our Media and Research Assistant. You can follow Gabrielle on Twitter at @GabrielleLePore and at @kiwanja

By Njenga Kahiro

I’m a mobile technology buff who loves efficiency, saving money and making our home on Earth a better place. I work in a remote and rural landscape in Laikipia County, Kenya where the population is around 500,000 and there are only 80 kilometers of paved roads. Because of this effective communications is essential, and makes all the difference to everyone in the area.