Open Source Software Cuts Costs for Startups

Dave Koelmeyer | ImpactPR New Zealand | August 5, 2013

...Software that is “free and open-source” may be freely installed, used, and copied without restriction. There is no initial purchase cost, nor are there any ongoing subscription fees for continued use. Far from being watered-down versions of their paid counterparts, open source applications are powerful and business-grade.

The zero cost aspect of open source software is its most obvious benefit for businesses looking to save on commercial software spending. For even a small business, the cost savings of an open source office productivity suite can run to thousands of dollars compared to the well-known proprietary alternatives. Budget which would otherwise be spent on software can be allocated instead to the other critical areas of establishing your startup. The cost aspect however is but one of a number of important features of open source relevant to new businesses.

Proprietary, commercial software is generally loaded with restrictive licensing terms that prohibits its use under certain conditions. Using again the example of an office productivity suite, a single copy of a proprietary office software product generally cannot be installed on multiple computers or used by more than one employee at a time...

A critical benefit of open source is the freedom it affords businesses from vendor lock-in and ongoing forced software upgrades...

Open Health News' Take: 

The argument for 'open source' software continues to sink in as more and more people all over the world share their experience. This latest article is from Dave Koelmeyer owner of Apertura Designs, a New Zealand-based company providing support for small businesses and startups.  -  Peter Groen, Senior Editor, Open Health News