Qualcomm Life, Palomar Launch Incubator for Google Glass Health Apps

Brian Horowitz | eWeek | July 30, 2013

Qualcomm Life and Palomar Health have announced an incubator they have called "Glassomics" to explore how Google Glass and other consumer tracking devices can aid applications in health care.

The Glassomics incubator is intended to build partnerships in research and development of glassware applications in health care. The incubator will develop projects in augmented reality-guided clinical applications as well as software that can help clinicians navigate complex data and monitor physiological signs, Palomar Health reported.

"Wearable technology holds tremendous potential, and we are dedicated to exploring applications that create opportunities to improve biometric data and wireless health management," Donald Jones, vice president of global strategy and market development for Qualcomm Life, said in a statement.

Open Health News' Take: 

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