Health Cloud Grows In Europe

Dillan Yogendra | HIEWatch | July 25, 2013

Cloud computing is rapidly becoming a key enabler for enterprise-wide solutions. In the healthcare IT market, implementing cloud computing technologies effectively can assist European healthcare providers to improve the quality of medical services and the efficiency of operations, share information geographically, and manage overheads.

Such enterprise-wide data sharing can help healthcare service providers increase efficiency at relatively low cost. The concept can be applied in a variety of ways, including data storage and data loss prevention, maintaining patient information records, and authorized sharing of information, which can be done quickly and efficiently by providing authorized access to this information on the cloud.

The picture archiving and communication system (PACS) market across Europe is established, and healthcare providers require additional storage systems to back their data up, which can be very expensive. “By using cloud computing, the expenditure on hardware and storage space would be cut down, as cloud storage can cost almost 10 times less than regular storage systems,” remarked Frost & Sullivan Healthcare Analyst Raghuraman Madanagopal. [...]