6 Mobile Health Apps For Healthcare Professionals Or Patients

Jamar Ramos | HIT Consultant | May 31, 2013

6 innovative mobile health apps that offer support for both healthcare professionals and patients to take ownership of their healthcare experience.

Gadgets and apps have become integral. Digital cameras can help us chronicle the important, and mundane, moments of our lives. Eight-track players paved the way for cassette tapes, which then moved over for CDs, until we started downloading music onto our computers. VHS tapes morphed into DVDs, and now we have Blu-Rays with which to entertain ourselves.

Entertainment isn’t the only area that has exploded with advancements over the past years of tech growth. As technology continues to move forward, it opens up the capacity for people from far-flung areas of the world to communicate as easily as if they lived in the same home. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other services help link individuals to each other, facilitating instant contact. These lines of communication can also be leveraged by health care professionals.

Doctors and hospitals have begun to use technological tools to keep in closer contact with their patients. The expanding use of electronic health records (EHRs) has allowed doctors to pass patient information along to colleagues and specialists for consultation.  [...]