Top 10 Malaria Innovations

Anna Scott | The Guardian | April 29, 2013

Last week we asked readers to send in the best innovations they had seen that help eliminate malaria. Here are the top 10

1. Nanomal DNA analyser

Cutting-edge nanotechnology is being used to develop an affordable, easy to use startphone-like device able to analyse malaria strain DNA from a finger-prick of blood in 15 minutes. This enables a personalised prescription of drug combinations to be given to patients straight away. The Nanomal consortium, led by St George's University of London and biotech company QuantuMDx, developed the device in response to World Health Organisation warnings of the growth of drug resistance due to inaccurate drug prescription. The device will be ready for field testing later this year.

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2. Light sensor testing app

Code 8, a group of students from Makerere University, have developed a new needleless malaria testing application. The application, named Matibabu, uses a light sensor connected to a tablet that is passed over a finger to diagnose malaria. The idea has won the Ugandan team a place at the 2013 Microsoft Imagine Cup finals to be held in Russia later this year.