Perspective: HIE, 'Omics' And Personalized Medicine

Anthony Brino | Government Health IT | April 26, 2013

Oregon Health & Science University and Intel are partnering on a genomics computing project that’s very much following IBM's Watson in its processing largess and medical ambition — a sign of the evolving relationships between patients, doctors and computers, and also, pretty much, health information exchange applied scientifically.

As Healthcare IT News Editor Bernie Monegain reported recently, OHSU and Intel will develop hardware, software and workflow solutions for analyzing biomedical data — like a patient’s genome or a tumor’s genome — with “extreme-scale, high-performance computing solutions.”

Intel’s processors will handle the billions of complex computations, combined with OHSU researchers’ methods for imaging and analyzing the molecular bases of cancer and other diseases — creating granular maps of how cells change over time, and, it is hoped, contributing to a big-picture analysis of how the cells behave as a system.