Who's Winning the Mobile Platform Wars - Just The Numbers Please

Harry McCracken | Time Tech | April 16, 2013

Who’s winning the mobile platform wars, Apple‘s iOS or Google‘s Android?

... it’s silly to obsess over any one data point. If what you’re after is a clear idea of how the world’s two dominant mobile operating systems are doing — rather than an excuse to make bold proclamations and/or cheer for your favorite — you want to consider lots of data points.I won’t include forecasts and other predictions.

...In research conducted from mid-November through mid-February, Kantar Worldpanel Comtech showed sales of all Android phones outpacing the iPhone by a hefty margin: 52.1 percent to 43.5 percent.

...Worldwide, all those companies making Android phones sell a lot more units than Apple sells of the iPhone, says IDC. In the fourth quarter of 2012, Android had more than 70 percent share, vs. 21 percent for the iPhone.

Open Health News' Take: 

If you want to simply see the numbers related to mobile platforms, this is the article for you to read. It's a very good, straight forward presentation of the numbers without the 'spin' so many others in the industry generally put out.  -  Peter Groen, Senior Editor, OHNews