Re-thinking Clinical Trials For The World Of Crowdsourcing

Laurie Halloran | Xconomy | April 16, 2013

Disruption isn’t a word normally associated with clinical drug development, but nevertheless it is coming. We can feel the rumblings of it. New technologies and technology-enabled techniques for productivity in mainstream business applications are slowly making their way into the clinic. There are signals that drug development is starting to catch up with the general trend toward open collaboration and innovation. This trend is enabling tremendous advances in other industries, so why not ours?

In the life sciences, we are typically conservative, but we must innovate to overcome the cost challenges that the pharmaceutical industry and society as a whole are facing. We have to step out of our comfort zone, welcome change and embrace positive transformations. There are a number of innovation initiatives happening as we speak that could accelerate that shift.

Disruptive Business Model Innovation

Transparency Life Sciences (TLS) is a drug development company and a leader in the effort to embrace open innovation in clinical development. Tomasz Sablinski, the company’s CEO and founder, is calling for transparency in clinical trials to improve study design, quality and outcomes while drastically reducing costs. [...]