Is The EHR Transition Hitting Speed Bumps Or A Concrete Wall?

Jeff Rowe | Government Health IT | March 8, 2013

We interrupt this policy initiative for a period of reassessment! No, there’s no formal reconsideration of the HITECH act under way, but this article does a nice job of chronologically lining up numerous objections or challenges to the goals and methods of HITECH which, the author suggests, may indicate that a “backlash” is underway.

Most readers will be familiar with the events recounted, but laying them out one after the other has the interesting effect of making one suspect that the “opposition” to HITECH is actually making a solid case.

Perhaps “opposition” is too strong a word; “skepticism” might be better.  After all, when it comes to massive initiatives like HITECH, skeptics often serve the useful purpose of forcing a closer look at what is being proposed.  And that closer look can often lead to valuable corrections...