Easier Access To PLOS Data

Liz Allen | PLOS.org | January 30, 2013

You’ve always relied on PLOS to make scientific and medical research freely accessible to all. Now we’re introducing a number of tools and services to unlock the full potential of the data that currently exists in the Figures and Supporting Information files of our journals but has to this point been just beyond easy reach and these include:

Expanding our partnership with Dryad – since July 2012, PLOS Biology has been encouraging authors to deposit their underlying data (and here’s a great blog post on why that’s important) in this open access repository at submission so that it is available during the peer-review process and safely secured for future reference.  PLOS Genetics is the latest journal to offer this option and will be joined by all our other titles in due course.

Providing more Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) – previously only available for the entire article, we’ve expanded the number of citable objects to include Figures and SI files with the goal of encouraging more granular linking to and re-use of smaller units of content...