Electronic (HTML) Telephone Triage Protocols & AHLTA

Julie S | Challenge.gov | January 14, 2013

BACKGROUND: MHS Registered Nurses managed 2.9 million telephone consults in FY 2012. Based on experience, the average telephone consult takes 10 minutes. Approximately, 3 minutes, is spent typing out relevant signs and symptoms or home care advice. This results in 146,784 hours or 6,116 days or 14 years that MHS RNs spend simply typing information into the electronic health record (EHR). We can do better! We can reduce the time it takes for documentation, reduce the time talking on the phone, and improve patient care. More importantly we can implement the change right now with our current Electronic Health Record (AHLTA).

CURRENT STATE: For the majority of MTFs in the MHS there are several paperback triage books being used by nurses to provide guidance. In some MTFs these books may be several years old and outdated. The quality of these protocols can vary based on the training level of the author; some are written by nurses while others are written by physicians. [...]