Fileman Lab Agile Project releases project plan

Rick Marshall | OSEHRA Blog | January 1, 2013

We are now halfway through phase 1 of the Fileman Lab Agile Project [FLAP], with three months done and three to go. During the next three months we will be doing the following:

  1. Beta test Fileman 22.2.
  2. Fix any remaining critical bugs in Fileman 22.2.
  3. Collect bug reports and enhancement requests for Fileman 22.3 and beyond.
  4. Finish documenting Fileman 22.2.
  5. Formally verify Fileman 22.2.
  6. OSEHRA-certify Fileman 22.2.
  7. Release Fileman 22.2 through OSEHRA.
  8. Help VA (and other adopters) install Fileman 22.2.
  9. Prepare for phase 2 of the Fileman Lab Agile Project...