Open Source Hardware Relies On Creative Commons And Crowdfunding

Alvin Chang | | December 20, 2012

...One of the most famous open source hardware products is Arduino and its popularity is largely the result of its openness. Although it is open from the PCB (printed circuit board) up, its hardware components, mainly processors, are still proprietary. Imagine if those were also open. We need more projects like Arduino to promote openness, because only if enough open products are being made, discussed, and identified, can we have the chance to persuade hardware makers to follow suit.

The natural habitat to financially support open hardware is crowdfunding because few investors will invest in open hardware until the general mindset has been changed. Open hardware enthusiasts seem to prefer the crowdfunding site Indiegogo, instead of Kickstarter. If you are interested in promoting and support open hardware crowdfunding efforts, be sure to check out Indiegogo and search for open source hardware.