Cooking Up A Menu Of Services: Responding To User Needs For Mobile Engagement Support

Amy O’Donnell | FrontlineSMS | November 28, 2012

The FrontlineSMS team is pleased to announce a new level of premium support and consultancy services to help users  design mobile engagement strategies, build capacity for professional adoption and automate communication workflows. Engaging people on new platforms can be a complex process and it can be a challenge to find a recipe for success. New technologies mean new communication patterns which are inherently personal and constantly changing.

The growing sophistication and adoption of mobile technologies has catalyzed organizations all over the world to consider how they can use SMS to improve what they do every day. These communication tools are powerful, but what they make possible is transformative. The question of how to get the highest return out of mobile engagement and information management software remains. That’s where we come in. While FrontlineSMS is designed to be so easy you don’t need us, we’re here if you want more help.

For seven years, the team behind FrontlineSMS has supported users through the process of adopting mobile technologies in a wide variety of situations. From coordinating emergency responses, to collecting and analyzing datasets, to identifying potential efficiencies in day-to-day business operations, we worked with thousands of users to employ new approaches to solving some of the world’s most complex challenges. And while they are often part of the solution, it is difficult to solve complex problems using simple text messages alone...