Montana Workers Get PHRs In ONC Pilot; Florida Medicaid Records Go Online

Anthony Brino | Government Health IT | October 4, 2012

City employees in Billings, Montana are now able to access their personal health records online as part of pilot project stemming from the Office of the National Coordinator's Consumer Innovation Challenge.

The city’s roughly 1,500 employees and their families will be able to reach their health data using an online platform created by Cambridge, MA-based Dossia, an open-source personal health record service developed by a group of Fortune 500 employers, in partnership with the Billings-based Employee Benefit Management Service, Rocky Mountain Health Network and others, including HealthShare Montana, the state’s health information exchange.

The program will also combine health data with insurance and eventually pharmacy data, Brad Putnam, HealthShare Montana executive director, said. The online platform “was built with social networking in mind, bi-directional communications capability, available proxy access and access to a tremendous amount of knowledge around helping patients understand their health records,” Putnam said...