Open Development And The OKfestival

Kim Borrowdale | IATI | September 28, 2012

Kim Borrowdale, IATI Delivery Manager, recently attended Okfest 2012 in Helsinki (Finland) and has shared her personal account of the conference with us. The theme was Open Knowledge in Action with a full week of participatory sessions, keynote lectures, workshops, hackathons and satellite events organised by diverse communities from over 40 nations across the globe.(Event Summary).

The event was divided into topic streams, with one of these, the Open Development stream, specifically designed to explore how the OKFest community can engage with key development challenges.

Over to you Kim…

Just about every session at OKFest was live streamed with delegates sending in presentations, photos, videos and feedback to the OKFestival team as I type. As everything you could possibly need from the festival will be available to you over the next couple of weeks, I won’t bore you with a long list of all of the sessions I attended, or wish I had attended. Instead, I’d like to share my top five takeaways.