French Radio on Open Source Technologies for Clinical Trials

Staff Writer | Clinovo | June 28, 2012

Clinovo was recently interviewed by the French radio BFM Business for l’Atelier Numerique, a weekly 2-hour broadcast dedicated to innovation and new technologies in the Silicon Valley. Marc Desgrousilliers, CTO at Clinovo and Ismael Ghalimi, CEO at Sutoiku described how open source technologies are used in the world of clinical trials. As Ismael Ghalimi explained: “Open Source is a way to develop softwares in which the code is freely available. Everybody is given the right to access, use and distribute this code. It allows programmers to work together and communities to emerge”.

Marc Desgrousilliers explained how Clinovo is leveraging open source technologies to complete Electronic Data Capture (EDC) services with its eClinical System ClinCapture. As Marc Degrousilliers pointed out: “Clinovo uses open source tools to reduce costs and accelerate processes in clinical trials. As opposed to proprietary softwares, the code of ClinCapture is completely free. Clinovo monetizes it by offering services such as study build, support, training and hosting.

Ismael  Ghalimi found it very interesting that as opposed to traditional business-to-consumers open source systems such as Linux or Mozilla Firefox, “Clinovo develops an open source model for a professional use, and this is the future”.

The recording of the interview is in French and downloadable here (the interview starts at 11:50).