The Growing Ecosystem Around Cloud Infrastructure Platforms

Dave Gruber | Open Source Delivers | June 11, 2012

With all the momentum around moving enterprise software to the cloud, I was curious about the level of support from the open source world, not just relating to the obvious open source cloud initiatives, but also around the commercial cloud providers. So I searched the Black Duck KnowledgeBase and found ~2200 projects that were  cloud related and started doing some analysis to see which cloud platforms seem to be getting the most attention from the open source community.

Not surprisingly, there were four platforms with traction from the open source community, including Amazon, Azure, Rackspace, and As expected, Amazon has the largest ecosystem of open source projects around it with 46% of the platform-specific projects. This was expected as the early market leader. Surprisingly though, was that Azure has a large and growing open source project ecosystem, with 36% of the platform specific projects.

Then in an effort to validate the broader numbers, I took a look at the breakdown of open source projects that are specifically focused on cloud infrastructure management and found results that matched the overall project distribution...