Latest Version of iHRIS Supports Decentralization and Adds Self-Service Option

Shannon Turlington | iHRIS | April 19, 2012

We are pleased to announce a major new release of iHRIS Manage and iHRIS Qualify. Version 4.1 of the software enhances health data security and enables updating of health worker records at the district and facility level, improving data quality. Individual health workers can even update their own records using a new “self-service” option. Download it now.

A country’s Ministry of Health commonly distributes HR functions, like recruitment or hiring, at the regional or district levels. iHRIS Manage needed to align with decentralization policies and allow HR managers at a district health office, for instance, to update records for health workers in their district.

Now, iHRIS allows users to be associated with a specific region, district, or even a facility and perform tasks related to maintaining health worker records within that locale. For example, a district hospital can manage the participation of their health workers in national training programs while ensuring good coverage for the staff attending training. Doing this maximizes the value of the training and minimizes the negative impact on health services.

This information can then be shared and aggregated at the central level to ensure national policies and programs are meeting local needs. This enhancement will improve data quality and further encourage use of the software for the daily management of health workers...