iHRIS Helps Cure Backaches in Nigeria

Carol Bales and Oluchukwu Ifele | CapacityPlus | August 1, 2012

I’ve been writing about the open source iHRIS software for years, explaining how it can help with health workforce management and planning, and praising the advantages of open source for country ownership and sustainability. A recent e-mail conversation about iHRIS in Nigeria reminded me of some of the important benefits of the software, and shed light on a new one.

“I will send a copy of my picture after this mail. It will be nice to have a copy of yours also.”

This is the photo Oluchukwu Ifele sent me. She’s a supervisor at the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria and, from her photo, she seems to exude authority and confidence, and perhaps the power of data. Oluchukwu is helping implement a customized version of iHRIS Qualify at the council, and is overseeing a team of clerical officers and data entrants. I posed a few questions to learn how the council is using the system to track over 146,000 qualified nurses and midwives. Following are some excerpts from her subsequent e-mails.