Human Trafficking? That Doesn't Happen HERE.

Derri Smith | Ushahidi | February 22, 2012

[Guest post by Derri Smith, Executive Director, Underground Justice and Mercy Center, Parent organization for End Slavery Tennessee]

I’ve heard it time and time again. Human trafficking doesn’t happen in…my rural area, my district, my zip code. But I’ve seen the faces of local victims. I’ve heard and read their stories about being sold and abused right here in our own backyards.

Crowdmap, matched with the skill and time of a great volunteer, David Taylor, plus the fabulous help of Ushahidi in accomplishing our goals, gave us the End Slavery Tennessee Case Map, a tool that effectively shows people that human trafficking and slavery does indeed happen right where they live. That said, the map shows only the tip of the iceberg – the cases that actually make it to court and get coverage by the media – but it’s enough to convince the change makers that this travesty does happen in their world, and that they need to pay attention...