5 Ways to Manage the Cost of Health IT

Michelle McNickle | Healthcare Finance News | February 1, 2012

Managing costs in today's industry has been put front and center. And although incentive funds have been helping organizations to implement health IT, easy tweaks and innovative tips are always welcome to help cut corners.

Industry experts give use five simple ways to help manage the cost of health IT.

1. Think practically. According to Dave Williams, co-founder and principal of healthcare consulting firm MedPharma Partners, consider deploying overlay systems to extend the life of existing systems. An added bonus? This will also help organizations realize extended value from these systems. "Use the opportunity to prioritize the budget according to value generated," he added. "Consider outsourcing more functionality." Although there are ways for departments to prioritize according to need and costs, Williams said a different approach could make all the difference. "A nuanced approach with outside assistance is needed to generate meaningful results," he said...