Upstart Mobile OS Tizen Previews Code

John Ribeiro | Computer World | January 23, 2012

An alpha release of the source code for the Tizen open-source operating system, aimed at giving Android and iOS a run for their money, is now available for download. Backed by Intel, Samsung and other vendors, Tizen is a Linux-based platform. It includes an HTML5 application framework and a customizable user interface, in addition to the operating system. The interface, also called a "user experience," will be able to move among the different devices that Tizen supports.

The software is to be included in a variety of devices, from smartphones and tablets to smart TVs, netbooks and in-vehicle information systems. Intel said in September that it planned to back the project, after deciding to cut support for the MeeGo operating system. Tizen's alpha release is targeted at smartphones and tablets, and it "runs on the PC emulator," according to the project's website. "We will have full source code for smartphones, tablets and additional device[s], with a reference user experience, available in the coming weeks and months," the site said...