A Rivalry Emerges as Apache Asserts OpenOffice Plans

Katherine Noyes | PCWorld | December 21, 2011

There's been much uncertainty surrounding OpenOffice.org ever since Oracle decided back in June to donate the open source office productivity project to the Apache Software Foundation.

Given that the Document Foundation's LibreOffice fork of the software has been thriving on its own in the meantime, it has been far from clear whether there's enough sustainable interest to keep both projects going.

It's LibreOffice, not its older sibling, that's recently been embraced by most of the major Linux distributions, for example. LibreOffice has also won the support of Google.
Following a plea for funding help from some of its German developers back in October, however, it looks like OpenOffice.org is still alive and kicking, and the Apache Software Foundation on Tuesday announced its plans and ideas for the software...