Microsoft Donates Open Source Bio Project to Outercurve

Ryan McBride | Fierce Biotech IT | October 24, 2011

A host of academic and corporate life sciences groups have tapped .NET Bio tools, and project committers include Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ), sequencing powerhouse Illumina ($ILMN), Microsoft ($MSFT), Cornell University and the University of Queensland, the foundation said. The project facilitates the development of bioinformatics applications, which are crucial tools to manage and analyze large amounts of biological data.

Open source projects are catching on in bioinformatics as research groups embrace them to expedite the pace of discoveries. Sage Bionetworks is one group that has worked on providing open access to models for disease researchers. The concept of open source has even found an audience among drug developers who have been willing to share intellectual property and compare notes to tackle some of the biggest global threats to human health such as HIV and tuberculosis...