SOA in 2011: Enterprise IT Increasingly Open to Open Source Integration

Vance McCarthy | Integration Developer News | August 30, 2011

Most enterprises are actively using open source solutions across IT departments and managers say they are likely to use more, according to a survey by FuseSource Corp., a provider of Apache-based open source SOA, middleware and messaging solutions.

Approximately 80% of survey respondents report they have replaced some proprietary software with open source; and 21% said they have replaced at least half of their proprietary software with open source. Among those using open source, momentum seems to be growing.  More than half (51%) of respondents said they will use open source is at least 50% of all new projects in 2011. 

“Open source solutions—as a category—are now legitimately viewed as a highly attractive alternative to proprietary, high-priced solutions from traditional commercial vendors, and in fact are creating new market opportunities,” said Larry Alston, president at FuseSource...