Open Health News – Most Popular News Stories in 2013

Open Health News (OHNews) opened for business back in January 2011. Over the past three years, the OHNews web site has grown exponentially. We have now have had over 140,000 unique readers visit OHNews and have had over 7 million hits on our site – and the numbers continue to grow.

As we head towards the end of the year, the global 'Open Health' movement continues to grow and strengthen.  The following is a quick review of the most popular articles, feature stories, blogs, and news clips posted on the OHN web site based on the number of readers viewing them. Here are the results:

Top Ten OHN News Articles

Top Ten Feature Stories

Top Ten Blog Posts

Top Ten News Clips

We look forward to seeing what will catch the attention of our readers in 2014. On behalf of all the staff at Open Health News (OHN), we want to thank you for coming to our site and supporting us.

Roger Maduro
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief
Open Health News (OHN)