Zoeticx ProVizion Wellness addresses all requirements for AWV, including:

  • An integrated solution with any deployed EHR system without data duplication, removing all manual intervention from IT staff to keep both systems in sync.
  • A solution with minimal workflow impact.
  • Management capabilities to support tracking ability on population progress for AWVs.
  • A detailed physical assessments guide through physical preventive examinations.
  • Mapping of risk factors with potential medical diseases for patient follow-up visits.
  • Personalized schedule and advice reports to patients.
  • Support log and audit for insurance reimbursement.

Patient-Clarity Platform

The ProVizion Wellness application leverages the Zoeticx Patient-Clarity platform that enables electronic health record interoperability, patient medical data reconciliation and bi-directional medical information flow for patient care. The platform is a patient-centric middleware solution designed to enable patient medical information flow from diverse EHR sources, presenting patient medical data over the whole care spectrum, transforming passive patient medical data into actionable information. The data architecture is SOA IaaS (Information as a Service), fitted to address operational care environments as well as avoiding data duplication from deployed EHR systems.

Thanh TranProVizion is deployed at the Rehobath McKinley Christian Healthcare Services (RMCHS) in Gallup, New Mexico, an integrated, rural non-profit hospital that serves a large community suffering from alcoholism and requiring behavioral treatment.

“Our residents will benefit greatly from this healthcare application,” said David Conejo, CEO, RMCHS. “We welcome a streamlined, interoperable system that will enable us to transparently connect with our clinics, expedite treatment and bring in new revenue streams.” Conejo also recognizes the benefit ProVizion will bring to RMCHS for revenue growth fueled by patients requiring follow-up care from AWVs and future healthcare needs.

RMCHS’s Urgent Care Clinical Director Scott McIntyre views the program from a clinical operations standpoint and the benefit of seamlessly connecting patient data between the organization’s three clinics and the main hospital, not to mention outside providers and facilities. “Having this level of interoperability is world-class from a patient care, financial and care continuum vantage point. This is a great advantage in terms of saving resources,” says McIntyre.

“The years in the making healthcare dream of system wide connectivity is finally here,” said Zoeticx CEO Thanh Tran. “The days of false promises and fake interoperability are over. Not only have we delivered on connectivity, but delivered a system for new revenue streams and better patient outcomes, our goal from the beginning has been achieved.”

About Zoeticx

Zoeticx offers software solutions for the healthcare industry which are dedicated to improving patient outcomes, enhancing the quality of care, containing costs, and simplifying administration. These solutions offer an immediate increase in the quality of care by delivering the right information to the right caregiver at the right time, in a manner that can be easily understood. Additionally, as the Affordable Care Act continues to roll out, healthcare providers will face new challenges which arise whenever there is a transition from an old system of doing business to a new one. Zoeticx helps solve those challenges, allowing care providers to focus on what is most important, the patient.

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