Worlds First Open Source Virtual Reality Cockpit Flight Simulator 360 Degrees Rotation DIY Project on

Press Release | Simworx | December 3, 2012

Simworx may be the first simulator company to offer a DIY version of their production level 360 degrees rotation flight simulator to the DIY community, as an Open Source project. Simworx introduces the funding campaign on to develop the CAD drawings,Plans, engingeering study, jigs, and component intergration for both versions of VR Cockpit with full step by step instructions for Do-it-yourself plans or Kit building the 360 rotation full motion flight simulator.

Panama City, Florida (PRWEB) December 03, 2012-Simworx, (a division of Inventionaires Inc) based out of the Panama City Fl area designs custom flight simulators and motion bases, fabrication, sales, and supports many past motion simulator designs in use around the globe. M-4 and SX-2 are some of the custom designed units with the SX-Interactive running at Air and Space Museum currently. Simworx has been involved with simulator rides since 1996 and recently moved the company to Florida from Fargo ND. Over the years Simworx has received hundreds of requests for design assistance, hints and tips to guide DIY builders. Up until now, building a DIY personal simulator was trial and error. Integrating all the components was exhausting.

Simworx will become the first and only company 'IN THE WORLD' to offer a production level 360 degrees roll motion base flight simulator as a DIY 'plans' or 'kit' built system, while continuing to build production models.

The funding campaign will put you in control and offer two different DIY Open-Source versions of our VR Cockpit Flight Simulator design as a Kit or Plans built system for personal use. Open-Source for the components, CAD work, structure design, assembly directions and Our own Open Software.

Go to to browse the funding campaign to help make this project a reality for the 1000's of Flight Simulator fans.

This project will fund the DIY CAD work, Engineer examination, Plans design, Component assessment and integration, Software development, Jigs and Assembly manuals to allow you to build on your own, a personal interactive flight simulator with full 360 rotation in the roll and approx a 14 degrees movement in Pitch.

Designed with either a 32 inch screen or Virtual Reality Visor headset like the iWear VR920 and full control of the movements. This project will make available the full set of plans to build all the pieces or offer pre-made pieces and components to allow fabrication of some of the pieces and buy the rest. These 2 versions will be generic fully functional designs ready to add custon enhancements. In addition Simworx will offer a full production complete version in case you prefer not to build your own. The software we develop for this project will be open sourced.

This design allows many VR headset software titles like:

MS Flight Sim
Aces High
*IL2-Sturmovik 1946
*Pacific Fighters
*Star Wars
*Space Shuttle Mission 2007

and many more in future versions.
(* in progress)

Simworx LLC started in West Fargo back around 2005 selling and servicing the M-4 and SX-2, a 2 person 360 rotation motion theater. Patrick Harris is the main design and fabrication person with several motion simulator designs including a design with 360 degree rotation in Roll, Pitch and Yaw. Mr Harris has a degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and is a private pilot and aircraft mechanic. Mr Harris also ownes Inventionaires Inc which assists companies and individuals in prototyping, fabricating, and marketing inventions. Simworx took the original M-4 design and refined the computer control software and designed several safety features. Simworx LLC offered re-conditioned used M-4 and SX-2 units in mobile trailers and as standalone units with full support.

The Mission of this project is to give the 1000's of the DIY builders that have wished for a full motion flight simulator but did not have the $145,000 the SX-Interactive costs, a way to build a 360 degree rotation full motion flight simulator.
This project empowers DIY builders to build a full motion flight simulator of their own for personal use.

This project is unique and important because no other simulator company has dared to offer a production level of flight simulator as an Open Source project.

Here is a list of the different options this project will allow Simworx to offer in both versions:

1. A full set of plans with component lists, suppliers and full instructions to assembly to the same standard as a production version.

2. Each custom fabricated part, all the needed components and replacement parts available to be purchased individually or in sets.

3. Complete Kit to include all the parts needed and components required to assemble to a production version level. Full set of instructions.

4. Fully assembled production version in either the VR headset or 32 inch screen version.

The VR Cockpit is a single place motion base using our advanced custom designed joystick and throttle. Simworx has designed two versions of the VR Cockpit to offer both a VR Headset version to use one of several different VR Headsets available or a 32 inch screen monitor version without VR headset. The drive system is robust and low maintenance. Roll rates as fast as 2.0 seconds and smooth operation using electric servo motors. The joystick and throttle combo has been designed to allow for software game interaction and motion control. This new design allows the VR Cockpit to operate many software flight and gaming titles. Simworx will develop the software interface custom adapted for each software title and add titles as we can.

This is a very unique feature only available from Simworx.

Open Source for this project means you can customize the body design, Our software GUI, the interior, the motion profiles, the software and games used, the joystick functions, all while building your own personal production level flight simulator. The motion controller manufacturers will supply motion software and usually a development kit for custom programming.