SysFera and Kitware Partner to Integrate HPC Technologies For Improved Scientific Data Analysis

Press Release | Kitware , SysFera | October 21, 2014

Integration of ParaView application within the SysFera-DS web interface streamlines simulations and post-processing analysis

LYON, France--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SysFera, a software innovator that simplifies management and accessibility of high performance computing (HPC) environments, and Kitware, a leading R&D software provider for scientific data analysis and visualization, announced today that they are integrating their two core products. Kitware’s ParaView application is now offered as part of the SysFera-DS software solution through the remote visualization feature and is available for all HPC infrastructures.

Sysfera screenshotA 3D Paraview analysis used through SysFera-DS web interface streamlines simulations and post-processing analysis.

The integration of ParaView, an open-source, multi-platform data analysis and visualization application, within the SysFera-DS web interface enables engineers to optimize product design and researchers to give meaning to their results through more efficient simulation and post-processing cycles. Through SysFera-DS, users can launch multiple simulation campaigns on HPC infrastructures through a regular web browser without installing any additional software. Scientists can then exploit ParaView’s powerful 2D and 3D data-analysis features directly from the web browser. A laptop, or even a tablet, is enough to initiate and manage remote simulation tools without the need to transfer large amounts of data.

“As a leader in HPC infrastructure management, SysFera easily deploys scientific tools for anyone who needs them. We are delighted to have ParaView as part of SysFera’s software suite and we look forward to further collaboration that will improve our customers’ experience,” said Julien Jomier, CEO of Kitware SAS.

“Kitware is known worldwide for their strength and expertise in data analysis and visualization in many research fields. By integrating their ParaView application into SysFera-DS, we provide our R&D and business customers a more streamlined way to analyze complex simulation data,” said Benjamin Depardon, VP Business Development for SysFera.

Simulations are at the core of many production and research fields such as automotive, oil and gas, astrophysics, and genomics. To create the most accurate real-world conditions, scientists face an increasing need for simulations to be more and more precise and they must repeatedly perform analyses. More efficient simulations deliver this better product quality and reduce prototyping expenses. Researchers reduce the time needed to produce scientific results, saving businesses significant cost.

This integrated offering has been first deployed at CINES – one of the three French National Computing Centers for the academic, scientific, and public research communities that operate a 267 Tflops HPC supercomputer. Olivier Rouchon, head of High Performance Computing Department at CINES, commented, “ParaView has been one of the tools of choice for most of our users within their R&D projects for many years. Thanks to its integration with SysFera-DS, it is even easier to have a consistent workflow for simulations and post-processing. The advantage is twofold: end-users need less support and shorten their R&D timelines, and data transfers have been tremendously reduced.”

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Kitware is an advanced technology, research, and open-source solutions provider for research facilities, government institutions, and corporations worldwide. Founded in 1998, Kitware specializes in research and development in the areas of visualization, medical imaging, computer vision, quality software process, data management, and informatics. Among its services, Kitware offers consulting and support for high-quality software solutions. Kitware SAS is based in Lyon, France with headquarters in Clifton Park, NY, and offices in Carrboro, NC, and Santa Fe, NM. More information can be found on

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SysFera develops innovative software solutions that enable computer centers in government, industry, and academia to make their high performance computing (HPC) environments more accessible to non-technical users, and to manage their HPC and Cloud resources more efficiently. Focusing primarily on ease of use and integration with existing system tools, SysFera’s portal provides a web interface to provide universal access with built-in remote data visualization.

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