Nurses' Union Knocks EHRs Hard

Bernie Monegain | Healthcare IT News | May 27, 2014

An image on the National Nurses United website highlights the campaign slogan. Launches national campaign to call attention to risks of healthcare IT

National Nurses United, which bills itself as the largest organization of nurses in the country, is in the midst of a campaign to spotlight the potential risks of patient harm spurred by what the group calls, "an unchecked proliferation of unproven medical technology and sharp erosion of care standards." Founded in 2009, the NNU tallies 185,000 members, with members in every state.

The NNU campaign, announced on May 13, includes radio ads from coast to coast, video, social media, legislation, rallies and a call for public action. Its slogan: "When it matters most, insist on a registered nurse." In its press statement launching the campaign, the NNU questioned the use of EHRs – and other medical technology.

"Computerized electronic health records systems too often fail, leaving doctors and nurses in the dark without access to medical histories or medical orders," they said. "The Office of the Inspector General for the Health and Human Services Department has reported widespread flaws in the heavily promoted systems. Telemedicine and robotics marketed as improved care deprive patients of individualized care so essential to the therapeutic process central to healing...