Ochsner Health System Streamlines IT Operations with Open Source Graylog

Press Release | Graylog | September 9, 2015

Open Source Log Management Platform Enables Company to Proactively Troubleshoot Problems and Avoid Downtime Across 17,000 Desktops

HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Graylog, Inc., the company behind the popular Graylog open source log management platform, today announced that Ochsner Health System is using its open source log management and analysis platform to automate IT operations management for more than 17,000 desktops. Using Graylog, Ochsner is now able to identify the root cause of problems before systems and users are affected.

Ochsner has been providing high-quality clinical and hospital patient care to Louisiana residents since 1942. The company owns, manages or is affiliated with 25 hospitals and more than 50 health centers across the region. Ochsner’s Desktop Engineering Team is charged with maintaining the health and availability of tens of thousands of systems distributed over more than 65 locations.

“Graylog not only allows us to quickly identify the source of problems, but to detect issues sooner, even before users are impacted,” said Drew Miranda, systems engineer for Ochsner. “In addition to providing alerts and root cause analysis, Graylog’s real time data, leading indicators and visualizations give us unprecedented visibility into the status of systems and impending failures so we can be more proactive and less reactive.”

Ochsner is using Graylog to continuously collect and parse key application and operating system event logs from multiple sources including critical Windows and Linux servers, and is also leveraging Graylog’s GELF log format to ensure log data is properly parsed and normalized. Also, Graylog’s visualization tools enable Ochsner’s IT Team to easily identify trends and obtain actionable information that spans device, inventory and configuration management; power management; file encryption; virtual desktops; authentication federation and more.

“Operations management requires IT teams to analyze and extract intelligence from mountains of log data generated everyday by thousands, tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of systems,” said Michael Sklar, CEO of Graylog. “With Graylog, companies like Ochsner Health System can affordably automate monitoring and alerting functions, and spend more time anticipating problems and preventing downtime using our analysis and visualization tools.”

About Graylog

Graylog provides service and support for the open source Graylog solution which stores, searches, and analyzes machine data collected from IT infrastructures and applications. The company enables organizations, at a fraction of the cost, to improve IT operations efficiency, security, and reduce the cost of IT. Graylog has received funding from the Mercury Fund and is based in Houston, Texas. For more information visit: www.graylog.com

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