The Municipality of Panama Releases its Electronic Government Platform with the Support of Andago

Press Release | Andago | June 2, 2011

The Computer Science Director of the Municipality of Panama, Jacobo Salas, and the General Director of Andago Interamericas, José María Olmo Millán, presented their new Municipal Management System and Electronic Administration Support for the Municipality of Panama.

The new system allows access, through the Internet, to the services that the Municipality of Panama offers, thus making a platform in which the citizen, from his or her own home and without the need to move, can run his errands with the administration via telematics platforms.

The Mayor of Panama, Bosco Ricardo Vallarino, said that this process is part of an Administrative Modernization Plan which aims to improve the efficiency and transparency of public function through new technologies, like the quality of the services offered by the municipality to the citizen.

“This project aims to bring a more comfortable access to citizens for the request, payment and processing of documents… Besides it translates to savings of material costs and time, which allow for a better internal organization and an improvement in our relations with the citizens”, said the public official.

The company Andago, in charge of the Modernization Plan, provided the platform and the development of the project based on the open source solution, Open-Cities, which allows for the management of the administrative procedures, inside an environment of electronic processing and service definition (electronic government).

As of today, the municipality will be equipped with a series of methods, techniques, tools and platforms, based on open source software, diminishing the deficiencies perceived by the citizens in the public service department as well as allowing a raise in the efficiency of such.

Engineer Carlos Martinelli, one of the projects driving forces, highlighted the importance of new technologies in a globalized society in which the citizens demand an administration available 24 hours a day through the management of electronic files.

The beginning of this platform contemplates the display of diverse proceedings that will be launched in sequence in order to familiarize the citizen with this new service of the municipal government, being the “free and clear” consultation the first to be used, which can be accessed through the web:

This initiative is the first part of a project which will include the technological elements necessary to avoid burocratic procedures that delay proceedings.

About Andago:

Andago is a pioneer and reference company in the use of open source software since its foundation in 1996; it is one of leaders in problem solutions and global services: open source, associated with Information Technologies.  Andago uses the most innovative technology for the development of its solutions, assigning to I+D+i a 30% of its resources, a percentage that puts the company at the head of innovation markers managed in Spain.

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