Evolve Suite

The Evolve Suite is a comprehensive set of software tools intended to help organizations using MUMPS/Caché systems to grow towards relational databases (Oracle®, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL™, PostgreSQL and others) and modern software technologies. The Suite is comprised of three main products, each addressing different needs:

Evolve Data Migrator

Mapping hierarchical data structures from MUMPS to relational data structures presents real challenges. Evolve Data Migrator not only addresses the complexities of data mapping but also migrates the entire MUMPS database to the relational database of your choice: Oracle®, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL™, PostgreSQL and others. This is a great solution when you need a relational database replica of your valuable MUMPS data for business intelligence, reporting and other analytics that are best run on a separate platform.

Evolve Replicator

There are times when a snapshot of the MUMPS/Caché database a week ago, yesterday or even this morning is not fresh enough for your needs. This is where Evolve Replicator enters the picture. In addition to all the capabilities of Evolve Data Migrator, the Replicator continuously tracks changes to the live MUMPS data through the MUMPS Journal and applies those changes to the target relational database (Oracle®, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL™, PostgreSQL and others) at regular intervals.

Evolve System Migrator

For many organizations, the most appropriate way forward is to redeploy the entire MUMPS application - code and database - onto a Java™/relational database platform, retaining the exact same functionality and user experience. That is the power of Evolve System Migrator. To achieve this, System Migrator not only maps and migrates the MUMPS data to a relational database but also converts the MUMPS programs to functionally identical Java™ programs.

Evolve is not only relevant for MUMPS/Caché sites with in-house developed applications – it is equally relevant to vendors of MUMPS-based software solutions who see business benefits flowing from the ability to offer customers a choice of deployment platforms – all from a single source code base in MUMPS.

The Evolve Software Suite was developed by CAV Systems, an international software company based in Israel that is engaged in development and deployment of enterprise applications.

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