Telemonitoring Takes A Leap Forward

Diana Manos | Healthcare News IT | October 2, 2013

Texas decision called 'a triumph'

Continua Health Alliance officials on Wednesday praised the Texas Health and Human Service Commission for the approval of rules allowing Texas Medicaid to begin reimbursing for telemonitoring services and setup, effective October 1.
"With this measure, Texas has become one of the first states to reimburse directly for home telemonitoring services. Continua Health Alliance, a non-profit industry alliance promoting interoperability (simple connectivity) of personal health devices, systems and services, advocated strongly for these changes," said Chuck Parker, executive director of Continua Health Alliance, in a news release. 
"We applaud Texas HHS for its forward-thinking approach to healthcare delivery, which will make healthcare more convenient, accessible and affordable for many Texans," Parker said.