Catalyze Releases Open Source Policies and Procedures to Hasten Healthcare IT Development

Press Release | Catalyze | January 14, 2015

Healthcare developers say Catalyze has taken a groundbreaking step in the advancement of healthcare IT.

Madison, Wisconsin (PRWEB) January 14, 2015 - Catalyze, Inc., an innovative healthcare IT firm that supplies HIPAA-compliant infrastructure services, today announced the widespread release of its open source policies and procedures on GitHub for healthcare developers and enterprises.

The comprehensive policies solved a complex problem for Catalyze. Therefore, the company has decided to pass the documents onto healthcare developers to help them focus on their jobs, not HIPAA compliance. By creating policies and procedures that are HIPAA-compliant and then making them available to others free of charge, Catalyze takes the lead in promoting collaborative sharing in the healthcare industry.

“The intent of open source is to provide community-vetted projects for the benefit of others, who then freely build upon them to solve other complex and pressing problems,” explained Travis Good, M.D., CEO and co-founder of Catalyze. “Catalyze is a big believer of the value and spirit of open source, and has taken the concept beyond bits and bytes to words and legalese that can often bog down a healthcare IT startup hoping to bring swift change to the marketplace.”

San Francisco-based Eligible, Inc. is one digital health company that has tapped the open source project, especially around IDS and vulnerability scanning. Previously, the company spent considerable time creating and updating their policies during yearly policy evaluations. “This past October, we were able to update and implement a number of improvements to our existing policies all based off the information we gathered from Catalyze’s policies,” said Eligible’s CEO and Founder Katelyn Gleason. “This cost us zero dollars in comparison to our expensive updating of policies in prior years.”

Gleason went on to say this move could be revolutionary in helping the industry collaborate to improve privacy and security practices by gathering information from the highest level security and privacy experts in the field and making it available via similar open source methods. “We believe that for Catalyze to open source these documents is truly groundbreaking in healthcare IT,” Gleason said.

“Our goal with providing HIPAA-compliant cloud services has always been to make life easier for healthcare developers, and we believe this small open source step may bring about a huge leap for the healthcare industry,” said Good.

About Catalyze, Inc.

Catalyze provides HIPAA-compliant infrastructure services with a complete set of tools for handling, storing and transmitting PHI in the cloud. the future of healthcare will be powered by scalable, HIPAA-compliant, interoperable infrastructure. Catalyze is building the groundwork so healthcare innovation can move faster. For more information, please visit or follow on Twitter at @catalyzeio.