European Union (EU) Joinup Web Site

I have been following Gijs Hillenius for the past year on several social media and news sites. He is a journalist with over 25 years of experience and is currently the news editor of the Open Source Repository & Observatory (OSOR). The focus of many of his posts is on the use of open source and open standards by national, regional, and local governments across the European Union (EU).

Most of Gijs posts appear on the EU Joinup web site. Joinup is a collaborative platform created by the European Commission offering several services that aim to help e-Government professionals share their experience with interoperability  and open source solutions.

Joinup involves interoperability professionals from all over Europe. However, professionals from other countries outside the EU are also welcome to join. If you haven't already visited the site – check it out!

A sample of some of the most recent news items posted by Gijs on the Joinup web site over this past month include:

I look forward to more news updates by Gijs Hillenius on the state of open source in the EU.  Visit the EU Joinup news web site and let us know what you think about the remarkable changes taking place in Europe as more and more government agencies switch to the use of high quality, low cost open source solutions.