Health Classes in Today's Schools

Do you remember taking health class in junior high or high school? I remember it vaguely A series of very boring classes with lessons about the food pyramid and some other stuff that I really can't recall. I'm not sure I ever did anything with what I was taught.

I can imagine how health class must be changing. I expect many schools take the time now to introduce students to use of a web-based personal health record (PHR) system. They are no doubt taught the importance of recording and keeping track of their health throughout their life.

Imagine when the students then head home to do some 'homework' with their parents – getting them to help enter key data about their child's healthcare into the PHR system. Their shot records, broken bones, and more. Health class today must be a very practical and useful learning experience for both the students and their parents.

I imagine students today are being taught to find and use web-based health information systems like HealthFinder.Gov and MedLine Plus. They are probably being introduced to some of the many games that are used today as a tool to teach kids about their health – like those posted on the Health Games Research web site.

I imagine that's what health classes are like today. Don't you? But what's really happening? Let us know what health class is like in your schools.