Paul Handly

Paul Handly is the Chief Technology Officer at Three Wire Systems where he is directly responsible for the identification and institutionalization of technologies that build capacity and save money for the company. Paul is a recognized thought leader in the area of leveraging CRMs for case management in healthcare and social services.  He was one of the very first to see the power of the consumer facing biometric sensors (wearables) as a tool for coaching and the first to integrate “Health 2.0” data into a CRM based lifestyle coaching platform to drive action.

Paul’s work establishing Milestone Velocity as an objective measure of client engagement and progress has moved the needle in life coaching in the military veteran space and tele-coaching in general. Paul has expert knowledge is tele-coaching and case management systems design and implementation and specializes in cloud based, open source, services oriented architectures. Recently Paul has been presenting at conferences and writing papers on the topic of open source CRM as an effective platform for proactive case management in the “Health 2.0” era. 

Paul received his BA from Hamilton College and his Masters in the Management of Information Technology from University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce in 2007 where he focused on strategic innovations in Information Technology to drive revenue and reduce cost through capacity building.