Voice over IP (VoIP)

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Envoi Networks

Envoi Networks offers Enterprise Hosted Telephony & Faxing, Internet Data Services, Unified Communications and other technology-related services. With its recent launch of the EnVoip Hosted VoIP & PBX cloud platform, Envoi Networks offers over 80 phone & PBX features, with all its Premium options included in its Unlimited seat pricing which included free calls to US & Canada and over 50 Int'l destinations. Our goal is to offer solutions that increase productivity, raise efficiency and deliver cost savings to our customers. We help improve organization’s communications and technology requirements through our expert solutions which are designed specifically for our customer's needs.

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Is Cloud Faxing the Solution to the Health IT Usability and Interoperability Crisis?

The Healthcare industry is in profound crisis as the HITECH Act of 2009 led medical facilities across the United States to spend in excess of $3 trillion on the purchase and implementation of expensive electronic health records (EHRs) under the Meaningful Use program. Yet, the most fundamental goals of electronic records Nirvana that were promised have not been achieved. For multiple reasons, EHRs have turned out to lack usability and be non-interoperable. In fact, most monopoly EHR vendors are engaged in what is commonly called “data blocking.” In most cases physicians are unable to obtain medical records for the patients they are seeing and patients have a hard time getting a hold of their own medical records. That means that the medical records are not available at the most important moment, the caregiver/patient encounter, and are not available to the patients themselves and their family members.

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