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10 Promising Technologies Assisting the Future of Medicine and Healthcare

Bertalan Mesko | LinkedIn Pulse | March 10, 2016

Technology will not solve the problems that healthcare faces globally today. And the human touch alone is not enough any more, therefore a new balance is needed between using disruptive innovations but still keeping the human interaction between patients and caregivers. Here are 10 technologies and trends that could enable this...

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DARPA's Look into Starships Can Inform Our Search for Health

DanBuckland | medGadget | October 3, 2011

The first question most people had when they heard about the DARPA 100YSS Study was, “Why is DARPA interested in how to build a space ship a hundred years from now?” DARPA is known for far out projects, like the Internet itself, but even this seemed far out for them. Read More »