The Open Source Commandments from the Tech Broiler Blog

This is a blog about a blog, which may seem a bit strange. However, the subject fits the season, so....

I recommend you read the latest Tech Broiler Blog on ZDNet from Jason Perlow & Scott Raymond providing suggestions for Open Source Commandments that future generations of technologists and technology companies wishing to pursue open source community activities might want to follow.

• Thou Shalt Not Be An Aggressive Monopolist
• Thou Shalt Not Keep Thy Protocols and Systems Closed
• Thou Shalt not Proliferate Useless Licenses
• Thou Shalt not Threaten Open Source Software Vendors, Projects and End-Users
• Thou Shalt Finish Thy Code and Not Leave Thy People with a Plague of Bugs
• Thou Shalt Write Good Open Source Documentation
• Thou Shalt Offer a GUI
• He Who Professes To Be a Friend of Open Source Shalt Liveth the Lifestyle

The authors came up with 8 Commandments before taking a break for coffee, jelly rings and macaroons. What will the remaining commandments be?

“Thou shalt not abandon thy project once it is past the fun stage… Thou shalt reject the false projects of thine WoW guild and fix thine bug-plagued code. Thou shalt not whine when no one else volunteers to help”.

I look forward to their next "Tech Broiler" blog.