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'Open' Education & Training Resources for Healthcare

There are now a tremendous number of high quality 'Open' Education & Training resources and tools that major healthcare provider organizations, universities, colleges, and medical schools ought to seriously consider exploring. These include 'open source' software, 'open access' materials (textbooks, journals, etc.), 'open data', 'open communities', and much more. Read More »

'Open Education' YouTube Videos

This resource consists of YouTube channels and playlists of videos about 'Open Education' Resources (OER) and why it matters in this 21st century Information Age. It covers 'open' education and learning aimed at all levels - from elementary schools through higher education. Read More »

Chief Learning Officer (CLO) Magazine

Chief Learning Officer (CLO) is the one of foremost resources in the rapidly growing industry of workforce learning and development. CLO magazine provides valuable guidance and insight to global enterprise education executives. Read More »

Collaborative, 'Open' Education Solutions in Health Care

The use of 'open source' software to deliver global health education solutions used by universities, medical schools, and a range of other health care organizations is becoming an increasingly important trend to watch.

COSI 'Open' Education & Training

The Collaboration, Open Solutions & Innovation (COSI) 'Open' Education & Training web portal provides links to organizations, open access resources, open source software, open data sources, open standards, mobile apps, news, events, and much more - all related to Open Education & Training.

Doctors Use Social Media For Continuous Medical Education

David F. Carr | Information Week | September 18, 2013

By rebranding what they do on blogs and Twitter, advocates of Free Open Access Medical Education, or #FOAMed, seek to accelerate medical knowledge sharing.

Read More »

Education Technology Trends – Part I – Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

Janet Wagner | ProgrammableWeb | August 22, 2013

This is the first post of a three-part series covering recent trends and developments in education technology. Read More »

EdX Announces Partnership With Google To Expand Open Source Platform

Press Release | edX | September 10, 2013

Google will collaborate with edX on, new destination and hosting site for online learning Read More »

Free Open Access Medical Education

Terese Bird | Institute of Learning Innovation Blog | July 9, 2013

For some years now, I have noticed that medical educators are looking at learning innovations in their own unique way. I first became aware of medical education happening in virtual worlds and simulations, such as Coventry’s virtual maternity ward in Second Life, and St George’s paramedic training in Second Life. Read More »

French Parliament Says Free Software Is A Priority In Education

Gijs Hillenius | European Commission (EC) | June 28, 2013

France's Senate and National Assembly agree to make free software a priority for education. This Wednesday the National Assembly confirmed a proposal by the Senate, urging institutions of higher educations to prefer this type of solution. [...] Read More »

India has the second largest enrollment in Online Education in the world

Venkata Susmita Biswas | The Hindu | September 1, 2013

edX’s open source platform has become a favoured massive online open course (MOOC) destination for students from India. Read More »

Massive open online courses emerge as corporate training option

David Essex | Search Financial Applications | October 11, 2013

Generally unpopular with users and now facing competition from massive open online courses, once-stodgy learning management systems are being reinvented with cloud, social and mobile technology Read More »

Massively Open Online Medicine

David Harlow | The Health Care Blog | May 6, 2013

The new darling of the online educational community is Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs). The example which figures most prominently in the popular imagination is the Khan Academy, though its founder says otherwise, noting that MOOCs are merely online transplantations of traditional courses, while Khan Academy offers something different. Read More »

MOOCs Open Top Universities to the World

Sean Sinico | DW | January 3, 2013

An emerging form of online education, called massive open online courses, provides access to renowned universities to people around the world. But can it improve the education of students in developing countries? Read More »

New ideas about European education: on board the “digital express”

Eugene Eteris | The Baltic Course | October 7, 2013

Children from a very young age use daily digital technologies: mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc. Paradoxically enough, they do not use it in European education system and schools... Read More »